Basketball Girls

District Championship Dates and SITES

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The following documents are REQUIRED or each athlete for ALL District (State) Tournaments.

1. AAU Membership Card – JOIN AAU NOW

2. Copy of current Report Card

3. ONE of the following: Walker ID/Child ID OR Passport OR Miltary ID or Driver’s/Learner’s Permit – Birth Certificates will  NOT be accepted.

Due to the mandatory AAU Background check policy; all bench personnel will be required to show a government issued ID at check-in to receive their complimentary tournament entry pass. Passport, Military ID, Driver’s License or other accepted forms.

Girls Basketball District Sport Director – Jeremy T. Bullock – 540-408-3789

Basketball Administrative Chairperson – Jeremy T. Bullock – 540-408-3789

AAU Girl’s Basketball National Website

AAU Girl’s Basketball Eligibility Rules

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John Hodges Virginia AAU Basketball Scholarship Application

AAU Insurance/Accident Claim Form

Parents Code of Ethics

Coaching Code of Ethics

Medical Release Form