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2020 Virginia Basketball District Championship Tournament Registration Link!! 

Click the above link and then search Virginia.

For Age & Grade Based AAU Boy’s World Championships (formerly known as AAU National Championships), the entry fees at full price, with NO DISCOUNTS will be $595.00. You can play in your District Qualifying Event and receive $100.00 Off to make the Entry fee $495.00. You can also earn a SEEDING at your District Qualifying event, something that cannot be earned elsewhere. ALL TEAMS that qualify for this Discount must be SUBMITTED IN TO THE AAU Basketball Offices by Wednesday, June 10th, 2020, in order to have the $100.00 Discount applied towards their Entry Fee.

For the Girls’ AAU World Championships (formerly known as AAU National Championships), the full entry fee price is $675.00 per team, without any discounts. Here’s how they can get even more discounts below. This only applies to per World Championship location (i.e., you send 1-team to Knoxville, TN and 3-Teams to Hampton, VA, which totals 4-teams, you WOULD NOT get the $100 off for all 4-teams, but you would get $75 off for the 3-teams sent to Hampton, VA. The discounts count only per location):

  • Early Bird $100 or District Qualifying Tournament $100 or a Newcomer $100
  • Multi-Team … 2 teams $50 off … 3 teams $75 off … 4 or more teams $100 off
  • This is applicable per event location
  • Early Bird + DQT/Newcomer Single (impossible to meet all) $125 off = $550.00 
  • Early Bird/DQT/New + Multi 2 Teams … $150 off per team = $525 per team
  • Early Bird/DQT/New + Multi 3 Teams … $175 off per team = $500 per team
  • Early Bird/DQT/New + Multi 4 Plus Teams … $200 off per team = $475 per team

For Boy’s AAU D-III East Coast National Championships full price is now $495.00. If you Play in your District Qualifier, you can receive another $100.00 Discount to make that Entry Fee become $395.00.

REMEMBER, for AAU Boys’ Basketball, you can only receive $100.00 off if you play in your DQT.

The following documents are REQUIRED or each athlete for ALL District (State) Tournaments.

1. AAU Membership Card – JOIN AAU NOW

2. Copy of current Report Card

3. ONE of the following: Walker ID/Child ID OR Passport OR Military ID or Driver’s/Learner’s Permit – Birth Certificates will  NOT be accepted.

Due to the mandatory AAU Background check policy; all bench personnel will be required to show a government issued ID at check-in to receive their complimentary tournament entry pass. Passport, Military ID, Driver’s License or other accepted forms.

Girls Basketball District Sport Director –Monite McMorris – 540-455-6771

Basketball Administrative Chairperson – Jeremy T. Bullock – 540-408-3789

AAU Girl’s Basketball National Website

John Hodges Virginia AAU Basketball Scholarship Application

Parents Code of Ethics

Coaching Code of Ethics

Medical Release Form